Author: CW88660

Destination Selah Ranch: Talco, TX

Greetings from the Road Warrior. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with the Flight Farm fam, you know life and work, adulting and all, LOL. 9/3/22 We packed the bags and headed south to the Selah Ranch. Here’s how it transpired: Went on a quick turn around trip down to Talco TX to […]

Tales from the Road. Episode 3: Texas in July.

Yo! What’s going on Flight Farm Fam? Road Warrior here updating the 100’s of readers at home with the latest installment of Tales from the Road. Sorry I’ve taken so long to finish up on my July road trip. I’ve been busy…well you know, playing disc golf! More on that later. Here is the conclusion […]

Tales from the Road. Episode 2 with The Road Warrior

Picking up where we left off, where were we again? On the road somewhere…perhaps in Texas if I recall? Oh yes that’s correct we were south of the Houston area. How’s it going everyone? It’s your favorite course bagger, The Road Warrior PDGA 88660, with another Tales from the Road. In Episode 2 of this […]