Tales from the Road A course bagger’s tale by The Road Warrior: Episode 1

Greetings Disc Golf World. What’s going on? Team Flight Farm member Craig Winters PDGA 88660, founding Father of the MA40 CREW, AKA The Road Warrior coming at you with a new series entitled Tales From the Road. I’ve been asked by Chad Nech to share some of my course bagging adventures and tales from the road. As of this writing I’m sitting at 917 courses played. I’ve been playing the sport of disc golf since June 2010, and in that time I’ve been to a lot of different places because of disc golf. I’ve played disc golf in 24 states and I’ve played every course in my home state of Kansas twice according to Disc Golf Course Review. With the explosion in popularity, the sport of disc golf is growing daily. Kansas is not an exception to this rule. With that said I’m currently trying to play every disc golf course in my home state once again.

I didn’t start out with the intentions of playing as many courses as I’ve have played currently, as stated previously, the goal was to play every course in the state of Kansas. My course bagging adventures just kind of took off. I never dreamed that I’d be sitting at over 900 courses played 12 years ago when I first started playing disc golf, but here we are! I like to use the old saying “If you build it, I will play it” or something witty like that LOL.

Hopefully with this series of blogs I can share with you some of the courses that I play on these road trips and some reviews of those courses. Each course has its diamonds and flaws, and most are unique in their own right. So with that said here is Episode 1 of Tales from the Road.


Summer Break road trip the Texas Heat 2022 Tour

Day 1 I played the following courses:

891-Greenbelt Park in Carrollton, TX-18 course that played in a city park and played around, over, and next to a drainage creek area to add to the challenge. The first few holes were mostly open but towards the middle of the course there were some lines to hit. A solid mix of short, moderate, and longer holes as well. There was elevation present with some nice uphill shots and 2 downhill shots. Overall a solid park style course that has been around for a while now. Of the 2 courses in Carrollton, I prefer Jimmy Porter as it has more wooded lines and seems a bit tighter. That’s not to say that this course isn’t good and a fun play because it is.

892-Cherry Creek in Red Oak, TX-9 hole course that was closed due to construction. The gate to the park was open so I decided to go for it(I’ve been kicked out of worse places). Upon arriving there was another car in the parking lot, the engine was running, and they may have been…

Anyways the course was not in good shape(probably why it was closed) there were a couple of OK holes. Another stop on the Road Warrior Tour.

893-Ennis DGC in Ennis, TX-18 hole course. I had to kill some time and had chosen another course down the road but I played this one instead. Shorter holes to start out, with woods, and then a couple of longer holes using the slope of the land below the dam. Once in the woods the holes were a bit more technical and required you to hit gaps. There were a few head scratcher holes and the underbrush and a few lines here or there needed to be better designed. I went into this course with 0 expectations but was surprised it wasn’t all that bad.

Day 2

894-Briscoe Park in Alvin TX-18 hole course that was a fun park style course. This was an older course but was balanced well with good lines to hit. It wasn’t super open on every hole but it wasn’t so technical that you spent more time in the rough looking for an errant throw either. Decent play.

895-Challenger Park in Manvel TX-9 hole course that was newly installed. OH MAN, safety issues everywhere here. See my previous post for a great video, LOL

896-Bates Park in Angleton TX-18 hole course that was park style golf and a more in depth review can be found here: https://youtu.be/ZYon0QgVILs

897-Bobby Ford Park in Richwood TX-9 hole course that was very short with only one hole 150ft. This is a pitch and putt course and it was fun to run some aces. Sadly I came up empty on the Aces but did hit the pan of the basket twice.

898-JT Dunbar Park in Lake Jackson TX-18 hole course that has been around for a while. The first 11 holes weaved back and forth between the trees in the park. The holes were short to moderate length for the most part. Hole 12 was over 300ft and holes 14-18 used the slope of the river bank to add to the pucker factor. Not a super great course but a decent play.

Inching ever so closer to the BIG 900. Hopefully tomorrow it will happen. As always a shout out to my sponsors Flight Farm and Hyzernauts.

Well this concludes Episode 1 of Tales From the Road by The Road Warrior. Please feel free to ask any questions about these courses or anything else you might like to know about course bagging. I hope you will find something in these blogs that you find useful or entertaining.

Until next time…Road Warrior signing off.

Bates Park in Angleton TX
J.T. Dunbar Park in Lake Jackson TX
Ennis DGC in Ennis TX