Tales from the Road. Episode 2 with The Road Warrior

Picking up where we left off, where were we again? On the road somewhere…perhaps in Texas if I recall? Oh yes that’s correct we were south of the Houston area. How’s it going everyone? It’s your favorite course bagger, The Road Warrior PDGA 88660, with another Tales from the Road. In Episode 2 of this […]

Thought Space Athletics restock

Wow we love Thought Space Athletics and just got a restock.Nebula Aura Praxis Nebula Ethereal Votum Ethereal Votum Ethos Votum also got a big Divergent restock, some Viking Discs starter sets, and some really cool Splatter S blend Exodus from Infinite Discs.

Eagle McMahon Razor Claw 2 Drops Today!

We know you have been waiting on the re-tooled and more overstable Vapor Tactic from Discmania and we couldn’t be more excited for the release of this Eagle McMahon signature disc that is sure to be a staple in your bag for years!These release here on our online store as well as our brick and […]

Valhalla Gates Custom Stamp

We are releasing our first custom stamp in collaboration with Dynamic Discs and the artwork is titled Valhalla Gates. This is for sale in store and will be online very soon and we are excited to offer some molds that haven’t been in stock for awhile. Putter Dynamic Discs Prime WardenDynamic Discs Prime JudgeDynamic Discs […]

Simon Lizotte Meta Tilt Release Date

Aye! Wanted to give all of our friends a heads up, the Discmania release date for the Creator Series Meta Tilts is July 27th 2021. Our retail store opens at 2 pm but you can snag yours right at the 10 am Central Time release here on the Flight Farm Disc Golf Pro Shop ONLINE. […]

Up To Date Inventory Coming Soon

Thank you for being patient with our website. We are currently working on an up to date list of our entire inventory that will be available as downloadable PDF or CSV files. This should let you see in an instant what’s in our Pro Shop before coming in and shop, or buy bulk from the […]