New Prodigy Disc releases coming soon!

Gannon Buhr MX-1
Gannon Buhr 2022 USDGC Permafrost MX-1 500

The Permafrost stamp is back, and we have it on our newest mold: the MX-1. This overstable midrange has helped fill a slot for a lot of team members and Prodigy throwers. US Champion Gannon Buhr’s commemorative two-foil design will also help it pop!

MSRP: $19.49

MX-1: 5/2/0/4

Isaac Robinson Rookie of the Year F3
Isaac Robinson 2022 Rookie Of The Year

These FX-4s in 500 Plastic were created to commemorate Isaac Robinson’s Rookie of the Year season on Tour and feature another two-foil design. The FX-4 is a disc Isaac leaned on heavily, carving up the woods on the way to a banner season.

MSRP: $19.49

FX-4: 9/5/-2/1

Prodigy Air Spectrum
Prodigy Disc Air Spectrum

The response to AIR Spectrum has remained positive, as players have enjoyed having premium lightweight discs with colorful swirls. We are continuing to expand that lineup with varying speeds and stabilities. The newest additions are the FX-2 and F3!

MSRP: $19.99

FX-2: 9/4/-1/3

F3: 7/5/-1/2