The 2024 Winter Putting League hosted by Advance Soccer Complex has begun and week 1 is in the books!

We are so fortunate to have this multi million dollar facility to use for the Enid Disc Golf Club!

Be sure to join us next week we are paying for the first 10 players to get a dinner made in house – burger, chips, pop are all free so show up at 5:30pm instead of 6pm OR they can make your dinner for just $5 in between your singles and doubles rounds!

If you don’t know, we will have putting league every Tuesday and Thursday night at the Advance Soccer Complex located 1526 S Garland Road in Enid, Oklahoma. The lights will be on and the main entrance open and ready to host disc golfers.

Registration opens at 6pm and players will need to sign a waiver accepting any and all personal risk. The concessions have been open to us exclusively and the prices are remarkable.

The club starts flying at 6:30pm and we will play two rounds. The first round is singles and the scores from that round will determine TEAMS for the second round doubles.

Players are earning points for each of the singles and doubles rounds and we match the low with the high players. For the scoring we accept the two best singles rounds!

Doubles will play to 11 win by 2 points. The scoring for both is 1 putt made is worth 1 point and 2 putts made is worth 3 points. Teams alternate so one player from team 1 putts, then a player from team 2 putts, then the partner from team 1 putts, then the partner from team 2 putts. Any championship or tiebreaker rounds will score to 21.

Please help support a great event, this will take place for 9 weeks so there are plenty of opportunities.

Here are the updated points from 1-2 and 1-4. Remember we have PRO, AM, FA, and JR divisions and EDGC will be honoring each EDGC disc golfer with an award!