Discmania S-Line is here!

Discmania S-Line

Products: FD, PD & DD3
Plastic: New S-Sline
New Discmania S-Line – Our 5-star blend
 Exceptional feel
 Superior grip
 Remarkable glide
 Great durability
 High-quality finish

When you grab a new S-Line disc the first time, you feel it. You feel the quality and consistency. You feel the superior grip. You feel the confidence to make your next shot.
The new S-Line is our highest-quality blend and It offers a soft and silky grip and resiliency. This is the result of our special manufacturing process. This grip helps you to control your disc better; a grip that you won’t lose in wet or cold conditions.
New S-Line offers straighter and less over stable flight compared to our new C-line. This is perfect for players who want to get longer glide out of their shot.
The new S-Line is a blend that offers outstanding durability which will allow you to enjoy your favorite disc longer. S-Line durability rivals any other premium disc durability on the market.
One thing we are very proud on this new S-Line is the overall quality and finish of the discs. With our special automated trimming process, we are able to create a consistent and high-quality finish on all our Premium level discs.

Global Release: Wednesday, February 22 at 8am pacific/9am mountain/10am central/11am eastern. No pre sales, pre orders, raffles, auctions or sales of any kind to take place prior to the release day/time. 
MSRP: $22.99

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